The way to Use a Wok Ring

Home cooks the world over are starting to find some great benefits of wok cooking. Aside from being scrumptious, it affords a quick and simple method to get conventional stir-fry with out having to order takeout. As we proceed to excellent our wok method, each tip and trick makes the distinction.

If you’ve got been cooking stir-fry with out the assistance of a wok ring, it’s time you study this useful little software. Easy to make use of and reasonably priced sufficient for anybody to purchase, a wok ring is among the greatest investments an aspiring wok chef could make. However, whereas easy in design, it does take a bit of information to make use of accurately.

If you’re new to wok cooking or simply need a fast refresher on learn how to benefit from your wok ring, take a look at this information. Here, we’ll check out learn how to use a wok ring accurately, how to decide on the correct wok ring on your range, and different useful ideas. Soon, you’ll know every little thing you could grasp any stir-fry dish of your selection.

What Is A Wok Ring?

A wok ring is a round steel cooking software that’s designed to assist with wok cooking. Historically, woks had been hung over an open fire, offering loads of direct warmth for every kind of cooking strategies. Since residence cooktops work a lot in another way, wok rings have been created to assist bridge the hole.

However, not all woks or stoves require a wok ring. To make the most effective use of your wok ring, you could be taught first a little bit in regards to the benefits it affords.

What Do Wok Rings Do?

While easy in design, wok rings provide quite a lot of shocking advantages. Take benefit of yours by understanding all of the methods it may assist.

  • Stabilize – Especially when cooking with a round-bottomed wok, a wok ring can add much-needed stability. It cradles the underside of the wok to maintain it from rolling throughout your cooktop.
  • Direct warmth – Since stir-fry and different types of wok cooking require excessive warmth, discovering a method to direct your flame could make an enormous distinction. A wok ring helps entice and direct warmth quite than letting it escape out the perimeters of your pan.
  • Protect – The steel grates on gasoline stovetops can stabilize a wok, however additionally they scratch it, leaving it open to rust. A wok ring helps shield your pan from put on and tear, guaranteeing that it lasts longer.

Knowing When to Use a Wok Ring

Wok rings can actually make the distinction when making one in all your favourite stir-fry recipes. However, not all conditions name for one, and in some circumstances, they will really be detrimental. 

Stove Type

Gas stoves are perfect for wok rings, as their warmth may be directed upward by the ring, creating extra intense warmth. In addition, the form of their grates can interlock with a forged iron wok ring, making for a extra secure cooking floor.

Electric stoves are additionally suitable with wok rings. Since they typically have a clean cooking floor, the wok ring provides further stability. It permits you to use spherical backside woks that will in any other case roll round throughout cooking.

Unfortunately, induction cooktops are normally not suitable with wok rings. The purpose is that induction cooking creates a magnetic area to warmth your pan. This area has a restricted vary, and since a wok ring lifts the wok away from the cooking floor, it additionally decreases the transferred warmth.

Wok Type

Round backside wok pans are a pure match for wok rings. Their curved form matches completely contained in the ring and is securely cradled throughout cooking. The convex dome additionally comes into nearer proximity with the warmth supply, absorbing extra warmth.

Flat backside wok pans, alternatively, will not be ideally suited. They can simply slide off the sting of the wok ring, creating a security hazard. Luckily, a flat backside wok can be utilized with out a wok ring.

Getting Optimal Results From Your Wok Ring

Knowing learn how to use a wok ring isn’t laborious. Simply place it over your burner after which prepare dinner as regular. However, realizing learn how to use it like knowledgeable is a unique matter altogether.

Follow these tricks to take advantage of out of your wok ring and take your stirfry as much as the following stage.

Cook with High Heat

The greatest wok cooking is all about caramelization. By tossing meat and greens over the floor of your wok, you’ll be able to create even browning and elegant taste. Except that is solely doable when working with very excessive warmth.

That’s why it’s best to crank your burner to its most temperature when stir-frying. A wok ring helps right here by directing all of the BTUs your stovetop can put out and concentrating them on the underside of your wok.

Use a Smaller Burner

This would possibly sound a bit counterintuitive, given the purpose above. However, a small burner is commonly larger than an enormous one in relation to wok cooking. The purpose all comes all the way down to warmth distribution.

Unlike cooking with a standard pan, woks don’t need evenly distributed warmth however concentrated warmth. A smaller burner paired with a wok ring means that you can focus all of your range’s warmth to the middle of the pan. This created deeper browning and a greater taste.

Use Caution on Glass Cooktops

While wok rings can be utilized on electrical stoves with glass cooktops, you will need to take warning. They can scratch the glass if not used rigorously, which may be costly to restore. Also, since they focus warmth, they could elevate temperatures to unsafe ranges, additionally damaging your cooktop.

The greatest method to keep away from these points is to purchase rigorously. Most wok rings will say if they’re suitable with electrical stovetops.

Safety Tips When Using a Wok Ring

Wok rings are designed to make wok cooking extra environment friendly and protected. However, they’re solely efficient once they’re getting used correctly. Make positive to maintain all these security ideas in thoughts subsequent time you’re utilizing yours.

  • Don’t deal with the wok ring when sizzling. While it might appear apparent, it’s simple to overlook that it will get simply as sizzling as your pan and might take a number of minutes to chill down.
  • Never use a wok ring with a flat backside wok. Not solely is it pointless, but when your pan slides off the sting, all the new contents can spill and burn you.
  • Make positive to have the correct wok ring for the job. A forged iron wok ring is ineffective on an electrical range, for instance. Learn extra about choosing the proper wok ring within the part under.
  • No matter what sort of wok ring you’ve got, make sure that it’s safe over your burner. If it wobbles or doesn’t sit flat, it’s time to readjust your setup.
  • Beware of overly sizzling temperatures. Especially when working with an electrical range, it might be a good suggestion to strive a take a look at run earlier than cooking at full warmth. Since wok rings focus warmth, they will injury your range.
  • Make positive your wok ring is well-fitted to the scale of your wok. For extra info on sizing, see the part under.

Choosing the Right Wok Ring

Even although wok rings are comparatively easy instruments, they arrive in multiple form and dimension. Knowing learn how to use them correctly requires you to have the correct sort on your wants.


Wok rings are available in three most important varieties, every designed for a particular goal.

  • Steel band wok rings are the traditional design, made from a hoop of metal with small holes punched within the sides. These holes enable simply sufficient air to achieve the flame whereas directing extra warmth as much as the underside of the wok.
  • Wireframe wok rings are a extra light-weight design, constructed of stainless-steel wire. Unlike metal band wok rings, they solely present assist to your wok with out directing warmth upwards. This could be a good selection for forms of cooking aside from stir-fry.
  • A forged iron wok ring is normally designed for gasoline stoves, with grooves on the underside designed to interlock along with your burger grates. This makes them further secure, as they lock securely in place.


Your wok ring’s diameter must be matched to the scale of the wok you’re utilizing. Too large, and it gained’t droop the wok correctly. Too small, and the wok could also be unstable whereas cooking.

Luckily, getting the correct dimension is simple. Just keep in mind that a correctly sized wok ring must be 4 inches smaller than the diameter of your wok. The diameter is measured on the widest level of the wok, on the high.


Generally, you need your wok ring to be tall sufficient that it retains the underside of your wok from coming into contact along with your burner grates. However, it shouldn’t be so tall that you simply lose pointless warmth when cooking. Most wok rings are one to 2 inches in peak, and taking pictures for the center of that vary is an efficient place to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you in all probability suppose nearly every little thing concerning wok rings. However, identical to with any cooking software, there’s at all times one other unanswered query. Take a take a look at a few of these widespread queries to grasp the artwork of wok cooking.

Is a wok ring crucial?

The quick reply is not any, although it might depend upon what sort of wok you’re utilizing. Flat backside wok pans ought to by no means be used with a wok ring, as this setup may be unstable. Round backside wok pans on a gasoline range don’t require a wok ring however could be a good method to shield the underside of your pan from scratches.

The solely time you undoubtedly want a wok ring is when utilizing a round-bottomed wok on a ceramic glass cooktop. Without a correctly fitted wok ring, your pan will roll over the floor of your vary, making a hazard.

Which facet of my wok ring faces up?

If you might be utilizing a band-style or wireframe wok ring, the broader facet typically goes up. However, most wok rings may be reversible, relying on which facet matches your pan higher. Remember, the highest of your wok ring must be 4 inches smaller than the diameter of the mouth of your wok.

Are wok rings protected?

As lengthy as they’re used correctly, wok rings are fully protected. In truth, they offer further stability to your pan, guaranteeing it stays in place whereas cooking.

However, if used improperly, wok rings can turn out to be a kitchen hazard. You can discover our checklist of security ideas above. The most important level to bear in mind is to by no means use a wok ring with a flat backside wok, as it might slide off.

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