Can You Fry in a Wok?

We all know that woks are the best instrument for stir fry, however can they be used for different cooking strategies? In truth, they’re some of the versatile items of cookware out there, letting you boil, steam braise, and sautee.

However, one of many best-kept secrets and techniques of the wok is that it’s wonderful for deep frying. It provides a lot of distinctive benefits that simplify the method and enhance outcomes. Take a glance under for tips about deep frying with a wok.

Advantages of Frying with a Wok

You could also be stunned to study that deep frying with a wok is definitely simpler than utilizing an everyday pot or pan. Take a take a look at these benefits.

Easier to Handle

Since woks have such a large mouth, it’s simpler to decrease meals into them than it’s with different cookware. The extensive opening additionally makes it simpler to stir meals and preserve every thing in movement.

Reduced Mess

The extensive and excessive sides of a wok are completely suited to catching extra grease that splatters over the edges.

Less Chance of a Boil-Over

Putting extra meals sizzling oil will are inclined to create extra bubbles. That may end up in a boil-over, making a large number, and making a kitchen hazard. Luckily, the form of a wok lets you fry extra meals whereas distributing bubbles extra safely.

How to Fry in a Wok

The truth is, deep frying in a wok is fast and straightforward. Just comply with these easy steps and get cooking!

1. Prepare your meals

Before frying, it’s greatest to pat dry your meat, veggies, or different meals. This ensures a pleasant crisp fry whereas retaining extra moisture out of your oil, which might trigger splatter.

If you’re battering your meals, you’ll need to get your oil as much as temperature first earlier than battering.

2. Fill Your Wok

Generally, meals should be submerged beneath a minimum of an inch of oil to deep fry correctly. That means ensuring you place an enough quantity of oil within the wok, often a minimum of a number of inches. It could look like quite a bit, however don’t fear, you’ll be able to reuse it for the following time you fry.

3. Heat Check Your Temperature

Set your burner to excessive. Clip a frying thermometer to the aspect of your wok, so the tip is submerged. Within 5 to eight minutes, your oil ought to be as much as temperature. You’re in search of your oil to be round 375 levels Fahrenheit. That can range relying on the meals you’re cooking, so comply with your recipe.

4. Fry

Once your oil is as much as temperature, it’s time to fry your meals. Since the oil is so sizzling, it’s vital to not drop the meals in, which might create splatter. Instead, gently decrease the meals into the oil, bringing your fingers near the floor with out touching.

It may also be useful to make use of a spoon to decrease the meals in, retaining your fingers out of hurt’s manner.

5. Drain

After your meals is golden brown, take it out utilizing a frying basket or slotted spoon. Have a plate lined with paper towels prepared to absorb the grease.

Once all of your meals is out, season it instantly and function quickly as doable. Fried meals is greatest loved as contemporary as doable, so flip off your range and reserve it for later.

6. Cleanup

Make positive to let your oil cook dinner fully earlier than cleansing it up. If the oil is contemporary, you need to use a funnel to empty it into a big jar or jug and reuse it a number of extra occasions. If the oil is discolored, it means it ought to be thrown out.

Tips for Frying in a Wok

Now that you know the way simple it’s to deep fry in a wok, it’s time to grasp your approach. Keep all of the following tips in thoughts subsequent time you make your subsequent batch of french fries or falafel.

  • Ease in your meals. Rather than dropping it from excessive up, merely drop the tip of your meals within the oil and launch it.
  • Use a thermometer. Even skilled cooks use a thermometer to ensure their oil is strictly the temperature they want it to be.
  • Don’t overcrowd your wok. Putting an excessive amount of meals in your sizzling oil may cause items to get caught collectively. It additionally dangers a boil-over, which generally is a actual catastrophe.
  • Keep your oil clear. If you’re frying in batches, be certain to skim out all the additional bits of batter or meals between every batch. 
  • Dry your meals earlier than frying. This will make sure you get a pleasant, crisp end on it, and it’ll assist stop boilovers.
  • Reuse your oil. As lengthy because it’s nonetheless clear and usually coloured, you’ll be able to reuse your oil for the following time you fry. Simply retailer it in a jar or jug for later.
  • Keep it shifting. It’s vital to maintain meals shifting whereas it fries to stop items from getting caught collectively. It additionally helps meals get evenly cooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering of deep frying in a wok? Make positive to learn by these ceaselessly requested questions first earlier than beginning.

What sort of oil ought to I take advantage of for frying in a wok?

When deep frying in a wok or some other pan, selecting an oil with a excessive smoke level is vital. Vegetable oil or peanut oil are good decisions, as they will attain excessive temperatures with out burning. Olive oil ought to be prevented, because it has a low smoke level.

Can I take advantage of a nonstick wok for deep frying?

If your wok has a nonstick coating like Teflon, you shouldn’t use it for deep frying. Such coatings aren’t nice at standing as much as excessive warmth, and deep frying with them will shortly degrade them.

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