Can You Microwave Ziploc Bags?

Ziploc® luggage are perfect for storing leftovers, making certain a good seal that retains meals contemporary for days. However, we’ve all been in the identical scenario, pulling out a Ziploc filled with pizza or hen and questioning whether or not it’s protected to place within the microwave. It could also be tempting to keep away from dirtying a plate, however you’re unsure if it’s definitely worth the danger.

The reality is, you may microwave a Ziploc bag. However, the hows and whys could also be extra sophisticated than you assume. If you’re always microwaving Ziplocs, take a second to be taught a number of security suggestions that may enhance your outcomes.

The Short Answer

The quick reply is sure. Ziploc luggage may be microwaved and are, actually, designed for use on this approach. Part of the rationale why some folks hesitate to take action is due to the assumption that heating plastic releases dangerous chemical compounds into meals.

However, the Ziploc firm found that the dangerous chemical compounds launched when plastics are uncovered to excessive warmth solely kind at temperatures above 1500 levels Fahrenheit. Since house microwaves don’t attain these temperatures, there isn’t a danger of publicity to those chemical compounds.

The Long Answer

However, regardless of what producers say about their merchandise, there are nonetheless some risks to pay attention to. Even if you happen to do plan on placing your resealable bag within the microwave, it’s a good suggestion to pay attention to these elements.


Since Ziplock luggage are manufactured from skinny plastic, they’re vulnerable to melting when uncovered to excessive temperatures. This is very true if the bag is empty or almost empty when heated. A melted ziplock can fuse to meals and burn pores and skin, that means it’s a hazard value taking critically.


Even in case your meals seems alright, there are nonetheless some security hazards to pay attention to when microwaving a Ziploc bag. If the plastic bag is sealed when cooked, steam can construct inside. If not dealt with rigorously, this could burn your fingers sufficient to trigger an damage.

That’s why it’s a good suggestion to depart the bag barely open when microwaving. When dealing with it contemporary from cooking, take care to keep away from steam popping out of the bag.

Harmful Chemicals

Ziploc luggage are manufactured from plastic referred to as polyethylene. This plastic is usually used as a food-safe materials because it doesn’t include dangerous chemical compounds. However, polyethylene can launch a chemical referred to as dioxin when uncovered to excessive warmth.

As talked about above, house microwaves don’t get scorching sufficient to launch dioxin. However, some imagine that oils contained in meals can focus warmth to trigger a well being hazard. In the tip, there isn’t a definitive reply, leaving some preferring to play it protected.

Identifying the Product

If you’re not utilizing name-brand Ziploc luggage, it might be troublesome to inform what precisely you’re placing within the microwave. Some resealable luggage are manufactured from PVC plastic, which isn’t as protected for reheating as polyethylene. Putting these merchandise within the microwave can launch dangerous dioxin into your meals.

How to Microwave a Ziploc Bag

As talked about above, it’s not at all times a good suggestion to microwave a Ziploc bag. However, so long as you may preserve the next steps in thoughts, you may mitigate lots of the dangers.

1. Choose the Right Bag

Ziploc does supply a line of bags designated Microwave Safe. Whether you’re utilizing these or an off-brand choice, be certain your luggage are designed to be used within the microwave. Other luggage can soften or launch dangerous chemical compounds into your meals.

It can be a good suggestion to rigorously test the label in your Ziploc’s packaging to be taught extra about the right way to use it. Some labels will embody details about most temperatures and different useful security suggestions.

2. Fill Appropriately

The contents of your Ziploc bag are prone to increase and launch steam when microwaved. That means even when the bag is cooked correctly, it could actually trigger a large number and a possible hazard. The finest approach to keep away from that is to make sure it’s not too full.

Generally, your Ziploc ought to solely be about half full, and the contents mustn’t rise close to the opening.

3. Place the Ziploc in a Microwave-safe Dish

Since Ziplock luggage aren’t made to face on finish, they’re nonetheless prone to tip over when microwaved. Also, any small holes or tears within the bag can leak, probably damaging your microwave. For each of those causes, it’s a good suggestion to position the bag in a shallow bowl or plate to catch any mess.

4. Unseal the Bag

Foods excessive in moisture will launch steam when heated. This will make your meals soggy in addition to create stress within the bag which can burst it. For each of those causes, enable at the least a small opening on the high of the bag to vent steam.

5. Choose a Low Power Setting

Generally, microwaving a Ziplock bag is barely a good suggestion when defrosting or reheating meals. The excessive temperatures required to cook dinner meals can result in among the risks described within the sections above.

Stick with fifty % energy or beneath to keep away from these risks. This will probably be sufficient to defrost meals or get it heat in a short while.

6. Never Overheat

Small portions of meals ought to solely take 30 seconds or much less to microwave. Any greater than this could create unsafe temperatures in your Ziplock bag. If it’s essential to microwave longer, achieve this in 30-second intervals, checking and adjusting the bag as you go.

7. Don’t Remicrowave

Even although reusing plastic luggage may be good for the setting, it’s not a good suggestion to microwave them greater than as soon as. Over time, the plastic will degrade, releasing extra chemical compounds into your meals and risking leaks.

Alternatives to Ziploc Bags

The excellent news is if you happen to’re hesitant to microwave Ziploc luggage for well being causes, otherwise you simply don’t like the effort, there are options. Try one in all these the following time you’re fascinated about microwaving a Ziploc.

  • Tupperware® could also be manufactured from plastic, however it’s normally thick sufficient and sturdy sufficient to be a greater match for the microwave. However, identical to with resealable luggage, it’s finest to not get them too scorching.
  • Paperware is an excellent higher choice than Tupperware, as it may be heated so long as you want with out the chance of melting or releasing dangerous chemical compounds. Of course, it’s not nice for the setting.
  • Ceramic Bowls and Plates, so long as they’re microwave-safe, are completely suited to microwave use. You do have to wash a dish if you’re accomplished, however in the long run, it’s the most secure choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions on reheating meals with a resealable bag? Take a take a look at these generally requested questions beneath.

What are Ziploc Bags Made of?

Ziploc luggage are manufactured from low-density polyethylene, which is fashioned into each the bag and its zip high. This is identical materials utilized in inflexible plastic containers like Tupperware and frozen dinners.

This materials is good as a result of it is ready to stand up to each excessive warmth and freezing temperatures. It can be usually protected to be used with meals. The solely level of warning is that prime warmth may cause this in any other case protected plastic to launch toxins.

Can I Cook Food in a Ziploc Bag?

Since Ziplocs soften at a comparatively low temperature, not many meals may be successfully cooked in them. Meat, eggs, and greens all require larger temperatures which might soften the plastic earlier than they’re totally cooked.

If you need to put a Ziploc bag within the microwave, use it just for reheating or defrosting. This will assist you to deliver the meals to an edible temperature with out overheating the plastic.

At What Temperature do Ziplock Bags Melt?

Since Ziplock luggage are manufactured from skinny plastic, they’re vulnerable to melting. At 195 levels Fahrenheit, Ziplocks will start to melt and warp. If uncovered to this warmth, it’s finest to throw them away relatively than reuse them.

If uncovered to larger temperatures, particularly water boiling at 212 levels Fahrenheit, Ziplocks will soften utterly. When resealable luggage soften, they smash meals, launch dangerous toxins, and may hurt your pores and skin.

Can I Put a Hefty Freezer Bag within the Microwave

Freezer luggage are usually a bit thicker than different kinds of resealable luggage, which leads some folks to assume they’re protected to microwave. However, except labeled ‘microwave-safe,’ it’s higher to keep away from doing so. This is as a result of the microwave-safe luggage are designed utilizing barely completely different supplies that are higher suited to excessive warmth.

Is it Safe to Boil Ziploc Bags?

Since boiling happens nicely above the melting level of low-density polyethylene, it’s by no means protected to boil Ziploc luggage. Doing so can smash your meals and trigger a security hazard. Also, pouring boiling water right into a Ziploc may be particularly hazardous and needs to be averted.

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